Dog Vests 4 Vets

Our young service men and women have given so much, and even though they are home, many are still in the "battle" - a battle to reintegrate back into civilian life.  In many cases a Service Dog can greatly assist in the support of the service member's reintegration.  Our Dog Vests identify the Dog's purpose and mission.  A Service Dog is part of the support team, dressed in the service member's uniform.

We make Service Dog Vests for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury, and other disabilities. The vests are provided to the veterans, free of charge.  

The Dog Vests are specifically constructed for each veteran's service dog. They are made from the service member's own uniform.  The service member's insignia, service patches, rank, unit, branch, name, labels, etc.. are incorporated into each vest.

When a Service Dog wears a vest created from the service member's own uniform, the dog projects the pride each service member deserves.   Service Dogs wearing the vests take on the role of "Battle Buddy," a partnership essential while in action but just as important in civilian life.