Dog Vests 4 Vets ....


My Indiegogo Campaign ended December 31, 2013!

It's because of your donations, I will be providing more vests to  our Heroes and their Companions, free of charge.

Below are the "Super Heroes" that made a donation of $100.00 or more and wanted to sponsor a service dog team by having their name placed in their specially funded vest.

Sharon Kelly

Niman's Way Candleworks

Becky McReynolds

Steve Wolverton

Lisa Flickinger

Justin Mignogna

Manny Falcone

Jeff Lassek

Scott Johnston

Craig Technical Consulting, Inc.

Eric Hogue

Chip Adams

Jessica Devitt

Colleen Hall

Jane Spake

Sarah Cooke

Anita Schneider

Jami R. Simmons

Lelia Caswell

Charles & Susan Hatfield

Go to my "Indiegogo Page" for a list of my "Heroes" that made donations to keep me sewing vests for vets, free of charge.